The Proactive Approach
Proactive - defined as "acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes".

RSES we believe in avoiding a potential problem before it becomes a burden.

When a problem occurs in the IT field, for example, there may be more than one cause and each one has to be identified and resolved. Many IT Service providers declare themselves as "the professionals you pay only when you need". This approach is called Reactive. Waiting for something to happen and then fixing it.

How much money, productivity and lost time are you willing to accept when you depend on someone else?

RSES built its reputation by clients who understood that proactive solutions work!

Although not a foolproof situation, acting in a proactive manner not only reduces the chance that something will go wrong, but also provides a roadmap for correcting potential problems if they do occur in a faster manner than reactive approach.

Education, training the forward thinking place RSES apart from other technology companies.
RSES employs professionals who can analyze a situation, collaborate with other consultants for best solutions, and apply a method to create a peace of mind.
You have a computer. Do you back it up manually? utomatically? locally? cloud? online? at all???
Do you have a full copy of your computer's drive in a safe place?
Your answers are the difference between Pro and Re active.
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